Thursday, December 22, 2011


i believe that you are well.

after our meeting on Tuesday, we came up with some proposals,

we currentlly have 62 kids at our Organization.

37 girls and 25 boys.

we discussed on longterm and shortterm projects.

the best thing in life is investing in the kids and this is by giving them education.

as a short term solution we have purposed to send four of our kids to school.

the kids are

Silvester Sule. 17years he is in his final year in high school 440$

Charles Onyango 14years he is supposed to join second year high school 360$

Teresiah Adhiambo. 12years she is supposed to join seventh year in primary school 134$

Ashina Achieng 13year she is supposed to join seventh year in primary school 134$

there are four kids who are really ion need of school fees.

we will be holding a fundraising forn the kids on 3rd of january to try and raise money for them.

for the long term project we are Trusting God for a land to have the following projects

1. get a land in Western Kenya. at a cost of 4000$

2. open a school to avoid paying school fees. at a cost of 26667$

3. doing farming/agricuture to provide food for the kids. at a cost of 1002$

4. to provide accomodation for kids. at a cost of 2025$

5. to provide environment for the kids where we can be able to guide them.

6. to open a technical college to help majority of our youths. 5057$

Please pray with us.