In most cases youths have been used negatively in the society and now youths are the backbone of the African continent
We are calling on youths to take over leadership and make a positive adversity towards a new Africa free of corruption impunity tribalism lack of knowledge poverty and inequality
We are encouraging every youth to report any case of corruption to the authoritative thank you to the K.A.C.C for doing a good job we can trust you.
We as the youths we should make sure that we have pure leaders who will not support impunity.
We as the youths are discouraging calling someone based on his tribal lines, we are encouraging intermarriages between different communities
We are doing basic education (reading and writing) to make sure that our people have the knowledge.
We are making sure that our youths get access to youth funds thank you to the following organizations, office of the prime minister for the “kazi kwa vijana”
Ministry of sports and youth affairs for the youth funds, U.S AID for supporting the youth people U.K AID Thank you an every other envoys for supporting our country and mostly young people
We are focused to work with other N.G.Os to see that both men and women, boys and girls are given same opportunity in terms of education and job opportunities
Disabled and the poor are supposed to be heard as we sing in our national anthem “haki iwe ngao”.
We want to see that justice takes place and the culprits brought to book while victims being compensated and supported spiritually emotionally and financially.
To be given opportunity as every other citizen